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Welcome to Whole Birth Resources

Supporting women and their families during the childbearing year to honor the 
sacred and vital work of welcoming our children into the world. 
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Prenatal yoga is a perfect way to drop 
beneath the thinking mind and thailand 
detox retreat
will help you into your body/mind to prepare for birth. Whole Birth Yoga teaches us to listen deeply to and trust in our body's innate birthing wisdom. Looking for a Whole Birth Yoga Class in your area? Click here for our class schedule and teacher directory

Looking for a teacher in your area? Click here to view our listed 
classes across North America. 

The Whole Birth Yoga Teacher Training is a unique opportunity to grow personally and professionally while you serve and enrich your community.

Click here for training dates.

"Robin shares a way of teaching that honors each individual. The class practically teaches itself."


You can benefit from practicing Whole Birth Yoga any 
time you like in your own home with our tape or CD!







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