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Because we can not think our way through labor, prenatal yoga is a perfect way to drop beneath the thinking mind and into the body/mind to prepare for birth. Whole Birth Yoga teaches us to listen deeply to and trust in our body's innate birthing wisdom. Through the gentle work of yoga and Detox Thailand we awaken the body-mind and become familiar with it's language and allow the thinking-mind to quiet on it's own. Yoga poses
are taught with an emphasis on mindfulness for increasing breath and body awareness, learning pain management, prenatal bonding, deep relaxation and working with one's edges.

Many of the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy are relieved through the practice of Whole Birth Yoga. Low back and sciatic pain, insomnia, and swelling have responded well to regular practice.In the Whole Birth Yoga class, ample time is given for support and the sharing of what's joyful and what's difficult about being pregnant. Discussion's are rich, genuine and informative.

Whole Birth Yoga Classes provide a rich and nurturing forum for pregnant women to;

  • Learn self help measures to relieve many physical discomforts associated with pregnancy and the postpartum period.
  • Learn healthy ways to reduce stress and anxiety before and during labor.
  • Practice effective pain coping skills.
  • Develop confidence and trust in their bodies for birth.
  • Acknowledge and integrate their pregnancy and birth as a rite of passage into motherhood.
  • Bond with their pre-born babies.
  • Make supportive connections with other pregnant women.
  • Address the emotional concerns of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
  • Honor the difficulties and celebrate the joys of pregnancy.


"Robin, I think it was just about a year ago that I started coming to your prenatal yoga class on Tuesday nights. It was difficult to coordinate my schedule so I could be there, but I was always so happy to be able to spend just a couple hours a week on just me and the baby growing inside me. Your yoga class helped me to grow and open up to a whole new world. Before your class I thought the birthing process went something like ...get a doctor, get pregnant, be fat and miserable, go into labor, go to the hospital, get an epidural, have a baby. Because of the class, my experience was wonderful, beautiful and natural. I feel strong and empowered. I gained the confidence to have my baby differently than my grandmother, mother and sister. Giving birth was hard work but I did it!" - Leanne





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